Produced by Margaret Chapman and Alexis Truitt

Directed & Choreographed by Iván Dávila

Music Direction by Jay Holcomb Frost


Audition Information

Audition Dates:
Monday, July 24, from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Thursday, July 27, from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Saturday, July 29, 10:00am (by invitation only)

Auditions will be held at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, 301 A Street SE, Washington, DC 20003

Performance Dates:
October 13, 14, 19, 20, 21, 26, 27 and 28 (double), 2017


Show Description
Sister Act is the feel-good musical comedy based on the hit 1992 film of the same name.  It’s 1978 in Philadelphia, and when disco diva Deloris Van Cartier witnesses a murder, she is put in protective custody in the one place the cops are sure she won’t be a found: a convent! Disguised as a nun, she finds herself at odds with both the rigid lifestyle and uptight Mother Superior. Using her unique disco moves and singing talent to inspire the choir, Deloris breathes new life into the church and community but, in doing so, blows her cover. Soon, the gang is giving chase, only to find them up against Deloris and the power of her newly found sisterhood.


Audition Requirements

  1. Please prepare a section of music from a musical theater piece (32 bars) that best shows your vocal range and acting abilities. You must bring sheet music (two copies, clearly marked), and an accompanist if you’d like, although one will be provided. The selected piece should demonstrate storytelling through song. No a cappella auditions accepted.
    • If auditioning for the roles of Deloris, please prepare 32 bars from two pieces: one a slower ballad and one more of an upbeat number.
    • If auditioning for the roles of Deloris, Eddie, Curtis, TJ, Joey, or Pablo, you may audition with a classic hit Motown/R&B song instead of a musical theater piece. (Al Green, Marvin Gaye, Lionel Richie for men; Whitney Houston, Diana Ross, even Aretha Franklin for Deloris.)

            Please do not prepare a song from the show.  If called back, you will be asked to prepare one or more

           specific selections from the show.


  1. All auditionees will be taught a short dance combination. Wear comfortable attire and proper footwear (street/dance shoes are okay, but no sneakers please).


Things to know before auditioning for the St. Mark’s Players Productions:

  1. The St. Mark’s Players conduct open auditions. We are an all volunteer organization (we do not pay). All are welcome to audition.
  2. All roles are open – no parts have been pre-cast. To audition, just show up; auditions are open call. We will have you fill out some paperwork. We will also ask for you to include all scheduling conflicts Please list all known and potential conflicts. We generally can work with your schedule if we know of conflicts in advance. If cast and some new conflict should arise, you are expected to communicate immediately with the Stage Manager.  You can also bring a resume that we will attach to your information sheet.  A head shot is not required, but feel free to bring one.
  3. If cast, you will be expected to pay a membership fee to join the Players and a script fee or script deposit (script fees will vary from show to show).
  4. We are an active company where everyone in the cast and crew participates in moving sets, resetting from church to theater and vice versa EACH WEEKEND, and striking the show following our final performance. Everyone is expected to participate in these endeavors. Tasks during these activities will be assigned to match your capabilities by the stage manager.
  5. You will be expected to be at rehearsals on time, and ready to work.


Character Descriptions

Sister Act offers a wide range of roles for women and men. Overall, the cast will be up to 16 women, 8 men. Some of the principals and the ensemble will have the opportunity to play multiple characters with speaking and solo roles.


Ensemble Nuns; Bar Denizens (Bar Patron, Waitress, Pool Player, Drag Queen); Homeless People; Fantasy Dancers


Character Breakdowns

(Note: Age ranges are only used as guidelines and will not affect casting decisions.)


Deloris Van Cartier (Female/Age: 25 to 35) – An aspiring performer, trying to find both fame and a place in the world. When forced to hide in the convent, she initially refuses to embrace her new lifestyle but learns to embrace it when she works with the choir. Loud-mouthed, and sassy, but ultimately caring. [Vocal range top: F#5/Vocal range bottom: E3]


Mother Superior (Female/Age: 50 to 70) – The head of the convent, sarcastic and a bit stiff. Extremely protective about keeping her sisters away from the outside world, which puts her in direct opposition to Deloris and her musical teachings. [Vocal range top: E5/Vocal range bottom: D3]


Sister Mary Robert (Female/Age: 16-25) – A postulant, abandoned as a baby and raised at the convent. Shy and soft-spoken, but singing with Deloris lets her find her voice. Her wallflower lifestyle has made her live a shell of a life. [Vocal range top: A5/Vocal range bottom: F#3]


Sister Mary Patrick (Female/Age: 35 to 50) – A nun of the convent. Consistently perky, enthusiastic, and easily excitable.


Sister Mary Lazarus (Female/Age 50 to 70) – A nun of the convent and the head of the choir. Rather deadpan and the least welcoming of any of the nuns, but she gets caught up in Deloris’s soul music. [Vocal range top: B4/Vocal range bottom: F3]


Monsignor O’hara (Male/Age: 45 to 60) – One of the heads of the convent. Constantly concerned with financial matters, though soul music surprisingly puts him in a different mood. [Vocal range top: G4/Vocal range bottom: E3]


Curtis (Male/Age: 30 to 40) – A club owner, notorious gangster, and Deloris’s boyfriend. Cocky and controlling, always on the verge of violence. [Vocal range top: Ab4/Vocal range bottom: A2]


Eddie Souther (Male/Age: 25 to 35) – The desk chief at the Philadelphia police station and a high school classmate of Deloris who helps get her into hiding. Faces a lot of nerves when under pressure, causing him to sweat profusely. He still yearns for Deloris after all these years, and dreams of being her hero. [Vocal range top: B4/Vocal range bottom: Ab2]


TJ (Male/Age: 16 to 30) – Curtis’s nephew and one of his thugs. Deft and cognizant of the fact, constantly in a state of ignorant bliss. [Vocal range top: Eb5/Vocal range bottom: Db3]


Joey (Male/Age: 30 to 40) – One of Curtis’s thugs. Believes himself to be quite the ladies’ man. [Vocal range top: Eb5/Vocal range bottom: Bb2]


Pablo (Male/Age: 25 to 40) – One of Curtis’s thugs. A natural follower, constantly speaks in Spanish. [Vocal range top: F5/Vocal range bottom: C4]


Sister Mary Martin-of-tours (Female/Age: 40 to 60) – A nun of the convent. Clearly in her own world, but has her moments of surprising clarity.


Sister Mary Theresa (Female/Age: 60 to 70) – A nun of the convent, the oldest of the group. Decrepit at a glance, but secretly packs a punch.


Michelle (Female/Age: 20 to 30) – One of Deloris’s back-up singers. Lippy and always quick with a retort. [Vocal range top: F5/Vocal range bottom: Bb3]


Tina (Female/Age: 20 to 30) – One of Deloris’s back-up singers. A little thick and naive. [Vocal range top: F5/Vocal range bottom: Ab3]


Ernie (Male/Age: 25 to 35) – One of Curtis’s thugs. Initially thought to be a mindless yes-man, he turns out to be an undercover police informant.