Join the St. Mark’s Players for auditions for our fall comedy – The Philadelphia Story.  Prepare a 1-2 minute comedic monologue.

Auditions will take place Sunday, August 12th and Monday, August 13th from 7-10pm at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, 301 A Street SE, Washington, DC.  Callbacks will be by invitation only on Tuesday, August 14th.

Please visit the link for our audition information to fill out the audition forms and calendar before you arrive to save time.  Hardcopies will also be available at the audition location.

Shows run October 5,6,11,12,13,18,19,20 (2 shows-matinee and evening). Tech week begins with load-in on Sunday, September 30 through Wednesday, October 3. If cast, you would also be expected to help reset the stage on Tuesday, October 9 and October 16 and strike the set on Saturday’s after the 8pm show.



The wealthy and well-established Lord family of Philadelphia is about to welcome the cream of society into their home for the second wedding of Tracy Lord, vibrant daughter of the house, to George Kittredge, a proud, up-and-coming self made coal mine manager – much to the annoyance of little sister Dinah. Unfortunately, father Seth’s philandering with a Broadway dancer causes a scandal which an unscrupulous media tycoon threatens to break — unless he can send a reporter to cover this high society wedding from the inside. Enter Macaulay “Mike” Connor, a writer of quality unwillingly slumming it on the society beat, who holds strong views against the old money-wielding upper class, and his faithful photographer Liz, whose romantic connection is not enough to stop the fascinated dance which ensues when Tracy and Mike meet and spar over class boundaries and champagne-addled declarations. Torn between three men, Tracy must determine whether or not she belongs on a pedestal. Philip Barry’s sparkling comedy The Philadelphia Story is witty, sophisticated romp, a breezy and romantic story which explores family dynamics, class prejudice, and human frailty.


Character Descriptions

Tracy Lord (20s-30s)
Young, beautiful, passionate, clever and rich, Tracy Lord grew up upper class on an estate outside Philadelphia. She married young to C.K. Dexter Haven, and had a tumultuous divorce. People tend to adore and idolize her, and she doesn’t accept human failings well. She falls easily into witty banter with people, and thinks she knows who she is and what she wants, but doesn’t actually know herself all that well. She is set to marry George Kittredge, but the arrival of her ex-husband and a handsome reporter complicate things, making her examine what it is she wants for her life. She is seen as an ice princess, but wants to be understood and loved as a complete, real woman. But she has work to do to understand herself first.

Macaulay (Mike) Connor (20s-30s)
Mike is a writer with big dreams, but works for a gossip magazine to pay the bills. He’s hard on the outside, but a romantic on the inside. He’s got an axe to grind against the rich and entitled, which may distract him from the potential for real connections and relationships around him. He is somehow both sarcastic and warm, and once past that gruff exterior, he lays his heart out.

C.K. Dexter Haven (20s-30s)
C.K. Dexter Haven grew up rich and entitled and married Tracy Lord at a young age. When he found the marriage imperfect, he started drinking, leading to further problems, and Tracy leaving him. They had a tumultuous divorce, and though he still harbors a lot of resentment about it, he still loves Tracy and all her complications. His mischievous nature leads to some hijinks when Tracy plans to remarry.

Margaret Lord (40s-60s)
Mother of Tracy, Sandy and Dinah, and husband of Seth Lord, Margaret is a classic upper class mother. She dotes on her family, and cares about propriety. She has been humiliated by her husband’s very public cheating, but keeps a brave face in spite of it all as best she can, but her children try to shield her from any further pain.

Elizabeth (Liz) Imbrie (20s-30s)
Liz is an artist, but (much like Mike), works as a photographer for a gossip rag to pay the bills. She’s been around the block, and gives off a hard edged vibe, but has a very tender approach underneath it all. She’s been quietly in love with Mike for years, but has been waiting for him to be in a place to welcome that before she lets him know.

Dinah Lord (teens)
Dinah is Tracy’s younger sister, and full of energy and opinions. She lovers her sister, and feels that Dexter is Tracy’s soul mate, even inviting him to her sister’s wedding to George Kittredge. She sees all, and isn’t afraid to bring up the many things she sees. She’s delightfully wry and sarcastic, and always game for some mischief. In an over the top performance for the reporters, she plays the piano, sings and dances – none of it particularly well.

Alexander (Sandy) Lord (20s-30s)
Sandy was raised a debonaire upper class gentleman – son of Margaret and Seth, brother to Tracy and Dinah. He’s now married with a baby, but feels a strong sense of family duty. His father has disgraced the family with his cheating, and he takes it upon himself to do what he can to keep the story out of the papers, brokering a deal with a gossip rag to cover his sister’s wedding if they keep the cheating story out of the papers.

William (Uncle Willie) Tracy (40s-60s)
Uncle Willie is both a present and supportive uncle, and a pervy drunk who pinches women’s bottoms. His brother, Seth Lord, is frequently absent due to his philandering, and Uncle Willie does his best to fill that hole in the family, even pretending to be Seth for the benefit of the reporters. The family is aware of his unwanted advances and try to keep unsuspecting women away from being alone him.

George Kittredge (20s-30s)
George Kittredge is a very proud man, who worked his way up the social ladder, starting in a coal mine and working his way up Tracy’s father’s company to the point where he was hob nobbing with the upper class. Restrained and serious, he is about to marry Tracy Lord and join a very wealthy family, but he still holds some animosity about their class differences that comes out when things don’t go well for him. He sees Tracy as a goddess on a pedestal.

Seth Lord (40s-60s)
Seth Lord is a high society father figure from and old money Philadelphia family, with a prosperous coal company. He has a wife and three children, but is frequently absent from them as he cheats on his wife with young women. This scandal has gotten out in the papers and humiliated his family to the point where his daughter Tracy does not want him at her wedding, and his son Sandy had to make a deal with a magazine to minimize the scandal. Seth turns up at the wedding anyway and attempts to mend his relationships with his family.



Things to know before auditioning for the St. Mark’s Players Productions:

  1. The St. Mark’s Players conduct open auditions. We are an all volunteer organization (we do not pay). All are welcome to audition.
  2. All roles are open – no parts have been pre-cast. To audition, just show up; auditions are open call. We will have you fill out some paperwork. We will also ask for you to include all scheduling conflicts Please list all known and potential conflicts. We generally can work with your schedule if we know of conflicts in advance. If cast and some new conflict should arise, you are expected to communicate immediately with the Stage Manager.  You can also bring a resume that we will attach to your information sheet.  A head shot is not required, but feel free to bring one.
  3. If cast, you will be expected to pay a membership fee to join the Players and a script fee or script deposit (script fees will vary from show to show).
  4. We are an active company where everyone in the cast and crew participates in moving sets, resetting from church to theater and vice versa EACH WEEKEND, and striking the show following our final performance. Everyone is expected to participate in these endeavors. Tasks during these activities will be assigned to match your capabilities by the stage manager.
  5. You will be expected to be at rehearsals on time, and ready to work.


For more information, please contact