Please come out to audition for Proof

(Running Jan. 11, 12, 17, 18, 19, 24, 25, 26 with evening performances on all dates)

Auditions on Saturday October 27th, 2018 from 9am – 1pm and 4pm – 8pm
Callbacks on Sunday October 28th, 2018 from 5pm – 9pm


St. Mark’s Church
301 A St SE Washington, DC 20003
in the Nave


Please prepare a 1-2 minute contemporary monologue.

Proof tells the story of Catherine, the daughter of a recently deceased genius mathematician named Robert. Catherine cared for her father through a lengthy battle with mental illness up until his death and she now fears she is following in his footsteps – both of his genius and in his mental illness. When Catherine presents a mathematical proof that could seriously change the paradigms of mathematics itself, both her mathematical ability and sanity are called into question by her peers. The play serves as an intense character study of Catherine, Robert, Robert’s former student Hal, and Catherine’s sister Claire as they find themselves pushed to their limits in their confrontations with one another.


Character List

Catherine (Woman or non-binary, early 20s-early 30s) Daughter of the recently deceased mathematical genius Robert. Catherine gave up much of her life, including her education, to care for her father through his mental illness up until his death. She faces constant stigma for her perceived mental illness, including doubt of her own mathematical ability when she presents a brilliant mathematical proof.

Robert (Man, late 40s or older) Deceased mathematical genius who appears in Catherine’s imagination and in flashbacks. Despite Robert’s groundbreaking work, he became delusional and in need of being cared for by Catherine towards the end of his life.

Harold “Hal” Dobbs (Man, early 20s-early 30s) Former Ph.D. student of Robert’s. Hal idolized Robert’s genius and hopes to find something in his old mentor’s notebooks. He develops a relationship with Catherine that is complicated by her perceived mental illness and the discovery of a proof that she claims to have written.

Claire (Woman, early 20s-early 30s) Catherine’s older sister who left their run-down home to make a successful life for herself in New York. She returns after her father’s death to help her sister Katherine move away from her old life of caring for their now deceased father.


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Things to know before auditioning for the St. Mark’s Players Productions:

  1. The St. Mark’s Players conduct open auditions. We are an all volunteer organization (we do not pay). All are welcome to audition.
  2. All roles are open – no parts have been pre-cast. To audition, just show up; auditions are open call. We will have you fill out some paperwork. We will also ask for you to include all scheduling conflicts Please list all known and potential conflicts. We generally can work with your schedule if we know of conflicts in advance. If cast and some new conflict should arise, you are expected to communicate immediately with the Stage Manager.  You can also bring a resume that we will attach to your information sheet.  A head shot is not required, but feel free to bring one.
  3. If cast, you will be expected to pay a membership fee to join the Players and a script fee or script deposit (script fees will vary from show to show).
  4. We are an active company where everyone in the cast and crew participates in moving sets, resetting from church to theater and vice versa EACH WEEKEND, and striking the show following our final performance. Everyone is expected to participate in these endeavors. Tasks during these activities will be assigned to match your capabilities by the stage manager.
  5. You will be expected to be at rehearsals on time, and ready to work.


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